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Spain Travel Guide


About Spain

Spain is a fantastic destination to explore, constantly brimming with surprises. Having visited Spain multiple times, I found myself astonished nearly every day by the rich culture, delicious cuisine, and above all, the utterly beautiful landscapes. Prior to my visits, I had always pictured Spain as a hot, arid country, and I was thrilled to discover its true diversity.

Spain is a truly remarkable country to traverse, boasting incredibly diverse terrains that span from snow-topped mountains to black sand deserts and volcanoes. The weather is generally favorable throughout the country, and with stunning beaches, an engaging culture, and warm hospitality in each village, hiking in Spain is an exceptional experience.

I’ve completed the GR131 thru-hike, crossing all the Canary Islands, and embarked on numerous other hikes and bike trips in this captivating country. Spain is an excellent choice for a variety of outdoor adventures. On this page, you’ll discover a series of posts sharing my experiences and insights about Spain!

13 best canary islands hiking trails

Hiking in the Canary Islands is for adventurous travelers seeking dramatic scenery that takes your breath away. With mammoth volcanoes, black-sand beaches, laurel forests, craggy sea cliffs, and Mars-like landscapes, the Canaries compete with any destination for scenic diversity. If you’re up for a serious challenge, we’ve found the best 13 Canary Islands hiking trails for your expedition.